Foreword August 2021

By Joe Lederman (FoodLegal Chairperson), John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad (FoodLegal Bulletin Co-Editors)

Welcome to the August 2021 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!


1.     Online Sale of Food (announcement of FoodLegal Webinar)

Join us for our 90-minute webinar on Thursday 9 September 2021 (12:00-1:30pm AEST).

This webinar will cover the important issues that a food business should consider when selling food online, including the regulatory issues in setting up an online store, how to label and display information, and considerations when acquiring, handling and delivering physical product.

Book your ticket here.


2.     In this August 2021 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin

Our FREE article “Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and internationally” updates the latest in regulatory developments and news.

Our FREE article “Collaboration between Foodbank Australia and FoodLegal- what does it mean for food companies and retailers?” discusses new opportunities that we are pioneering to allow any food business or retailer to donate surplus or redundant inventories to Foodbank Australia. This includes a new scheme that allows private label products to be donated as well.

The FREE article “Will you need to comply with the Plain English Allergen Labelling requirements?” considers some of the exemptions and remissions under the new PEAL laws. FoodLegal is running private training and reviewing or updating labels for many companies wanting their products to comply with the new laws. Contact FoodLegal to discuss.

The article “Regulatory developments in electrolyte drinks and sports foods” is about the new changes to impact the making or selling of selling electrolyte drinks and sports foods in Australia and New Zealand.

The article “Implications of the new AANA Food and Beverages Advertising Code (effective 1 November 2021)” highlights changes that will affect advertising or marketing to children under 15.

The article “Dietary fibre in the Food Standards Code- is Australia keeping up with the developments?” provides a regulatory and scientific update on different types of dietary fibre, new testing methods and new marketing techniques to inform potential customers about dietary fibre.

The article “ANAO audit reveals inefficiencies in Australia’s biosecurity system” is about deficiencies found in Australia’s biosecurity approach to imported goods by a federal audit. It also signals a possible tougher approach towards monitoring imports.

We hope you enjoy this August 2021 edition of FoodLegal Bulletin!

Joe Lederman, John Thisgaard and Jenny Awad

FoodLegal Bulletin

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