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FoodLegal specialises in providing solutions and advice in relation to regulatory issues surrounding the Food Standards Code, Australian Consumer Law as well as advice in relation to product development and food marketing compliance


Australia's premier periodical in food law and policy issues. It focuses specifically on analysis and commentary for regulatory compliance and the legal issues affecting food and food industry participants

Latest issue: May 2022


Current developments in food law and policy in Australia and internationally (May 2022)

A summary of regulatory updates in Australia and internationally for the month of May 2022.

Changes to infant formula requirements from FSANZ Proposal P1028

On 4 April 2022 Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) opened up their first call for submissions on FSANZ Proposal P1028 – Infant Formula. This article examines proposed changes to infant formula requirements in Australia and New Zealand, and how they could impact infant formula manufacturers and importers.

Does voluntarily including an ingredients list mean you need to comply with all the PEAL laws?

The introduction of the new so-called Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) laws means that virtually all pre-packaged foods will have to update their allergen declarations in line with prescribed formatting and wording requirements. Exemptions to the PEAL requirements exist for food products that are not required to display a statement of ingredients. But does this mean that a food business that chooses to voluntary include an ingredients list on pack needs to comply with all of the PEAL requirements? This article explores this issue. FoodLegal offers training and advice on all PEAL requirements, and provide label assessment against the new PEAL requirements.

Possible penalties for breaches of the Trade Measurement regulations

Most pre-packaged foods sold in Australia are required to comply with specific obligations relating to the calculation and representation of the trade measurements on the food product or packaging. This article explores the possible penalties and enforcement options that could be triggered when a food supplier or brand owner does not comply with the prescribed obligations.


About Us

FoodLegal specialises in food law consultancy, compliance risk management, certification of product compliance integrity for food and beverage products and other allied products

We advise Australia's largest food companies, international brands, as well as small-to-medium sized enterprises and startups.

Our team of lawyers and consultants represent food manufacturers, importers, distributors, brand marketers, retailers, industry associations and groups.

We also work with clients from allied fields such as complementary medicines, life sciences, agribusiness and farmer-producers.


Give your team a mastery of food compliance and risk management. Streamline your development and compliance processes with our legal and scientific hands-on experience. Dynamic, easy-to-understand legal commentary. All the benefits of having FoodLegal lawyers in-house.

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Our Events

At FoodLegal we believe that education is crucial to keeping your competitive edge.


Our most popular courses focus on the different regulatory aspects of developing and marketing food products, including:

  • Food Labelling 101
  • Health Claims
  • Trending Claims
  • Marketing to Children
  • Country of Origin Labelling methodologies
  • Fulfilment of compliance programs under the Australian Competition and Consumer Law

Private Training Events

FoodLegal can provide tailored private training such as the latest Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) training for individual companies to address their specific needs.

Bespoke training can be delivered on-site or online.


FoodLegal hosts Symposiums on hot topics including:

  • Government regulatory requirements, standards, codes and claims pertaining to selling "healthier foods"
  • Food fraud
  • New regulatory developments for food Imports and Exports
  • Analysis of the new Food Standards Code

Speaking Engagements and Publications

As an integral part of the food industry, FoodLegal is regularly invited to speak and participate in Australian and international industry events, discussion panels and forums throughout the year.

Our recent speaking engagements include events run by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), Fine Foods Australia, the Australian Industry (AI) Group, the Singapore Dairy Conference, the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AMCHAM), and the Monash Food Innovation Centre.